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What People Are Saying:

“from all the valuable information that I've got out of this to put me on the right track I really couldn't fault anything so I'd give it a 10. I give that score for the simple reason that it would take myself or anyone else a hell of a lot of time to do our own research into all the aspects of the courses where now time can be spent on correcting things now so that we can spend time on either our fat loss, gains and general health and wellbeing. I'll be definitely staying on board with this after the free trial until such time as I'm able take up a coaching course.”

Shane Lewthwaite

“I had been struggling to put on weight and not sure why I was having these issues. I was increasing my calories but there is only so much food you can eat. I was training the house down in the gym and was getting very frustrated. After watching many of the videos in the school of gains I was able to work that I actually have a gut issue and all the things I need to do to fix it are all small very achievable things. I now know how to fix a lot of my problems I have been having in the in and out of the gym. I couldn’t recommend the school of gains more.”

Alex Kater