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Gratitude for Gains (and reduced stress)

Much has been written in the last years about the benefits of gratitude. Those with critical minds who look at the most cited research and raise an eyebrow. Sample sizes have generally been small, and the results in many studies are subjective (ie, do you feel better).

Luckily for us, Berkeley also looked deeper into the issue, and found practical application with what works, and what doesn’t.


  1. Rule one – Don’t be a neg

 “It was the lack of negative...

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How to Deadlift (the very, almost too, complete guide)


How to Deadlift, start to end

OK, The movement with the highest return on effort, but also one of the highest risks.

Key Principles

  1. Practice practicing – only do perfect reps
  2. Do less reps, and do them well. Reset between every rep (even acceptable to stand up between)
  3. You can, 100% mess up your back long term.

No rep is worth limping for. If your lower back is rounding, you are grinding or something feels off, drop the bar. Nobody is impressed with a finished dead and a three month...

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My Advice to Personal Trainers

Here is what I tell everyone (most PT's won't like this advice).

What Should I do to grow my personal training business?

Rule one, cross your arms in every photo :) Then, this is how I break it down. What do you think you are worth as an employee? Let's say, $70,000.00 per year. You are a 70k resource.

  • If you hired a person for $70k what would you expect them to do every day?
  • A $70k resource takes home $1,044.29 per week, but you pay out $1,346.15 per week, or $5,833.33 per month.
  • ...
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The LAST Fat Loss Guide You WILL Ever need


The last Fat loss guide you will EVER need to read (15-minute read)

The above video is why 90% of people fail on diets. Dieting ads to physical stress (and often other stress). This entire article will help you decrease hormonal, digestive and physical stress, so you can lose fat, for longer, and keep it off. 

All this content is in the School of Gains (I think the more you understand, the more you feel in control, the more results you will get). I accept that people want a shorter guide...

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The Supplement that Changed my Life

If I could recommend one thing, it would be take Gaba. To you, your mum, your neighbour, everyone.

What is Gaba

Gamma-Aminobutyric acid. Gaba is a neurotransmitter. That just means its the kind of chemical that transmits signals. Its tells stuff, to do stuff.

In this case, Gaba tells your cells to reduce the activity of nerve cells in the nervous system.

This is all a fancy way to say Gaba tells the body to chill out. It is involved in a wide range activity related to the...

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What bodybuilders and powerlifters can learn from each other


What bodybuilders and powerlifters can learn from each other – 10 minute read

We’re on other sides of the gym, but we can learn a lot from each other.

The awkward truth is, powerlifters always want to look better, and bodybuilders always want to be stronger. The gap may seem far at times, but we can get along. Where do we meet? Hypertrophy – our common bond.


What is Hypertrophy – the basic science

It’s getting bigger, bro. Also, getting stronger.


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Why you are tired – how to build systems to ensure you are growing and recovering (10 minute read)

Overwhelming tiredness and lethargy are modern phenomena, almost built as badges of courage.

You can’t utter you are tired without 10 people telling you they are more tired, more stressed and listing reasons why their job is terrible.

Rather than join the crowd, read this article, rest better, and get huge.


Why you need to fix it

First of all, it’s not pleasant. For you, or the people around you. Interpersonal skills will, of course, change the course of relationships with...

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