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Training for optimal athletic performance


Training for Athletic Performance (ie, how to lose fat and improve sport specific power) *quite a long in depth article – 15 minutes to read


At JCF we coach lots of athletes, and increasingly, we see people want to move better, not just look better. This article should help anyone who wants to feel and move as well as they look.

However, this is a very difficult article to write, due to the range of sports people can do.

All tips will have real world application, and...

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The TEN FIFO commandments


How to eat when FIFO

OK, so, you have been working FIFO for a while, or even, this is going to be your first stint. Everyone jumping on that plane knows that the work is going to be hard, the nights a little lonely, and a lot of the food, crap.

I’m here to help you eat better, feel better and have more energy


Remember your Overall mission

If we are to list your goals, I’m guessing

  1. Don’t feel crap
  2. Don’t gain fat
  3. Get the fuel to do the job well
  4. Get the fuel to...
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The Guide to FIFO

Over the years, we’ve become experts in working in FIFO. Its started because a few of my mates went FIFO, and grew as we prepped people for comps, while they were still flying in / out.

Here are the 5 major factors

  1. You roster
  2. The dining hall
  3. How active you work is
  4. The on site gym
  5. Your home life

For most blokes, they are 2/1 swing, and single. If that’s you, well, you can put some money away, get huge and are a few good decisions away from being at your best.

If you have kids and...

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The (almost too) complete guide to maximise muscle mass and minimize fat.


The age-old question, can you gain muscle and lose fat???

  1. Yes, if you look at a period of time (like a week), but no, not in the exact same minute (nobody cares about that)
  2. Yes, its 100% possible to improve the look of your physique muscularity wise and body shape wise at the same time
  3. Yes, it completely matters how much bodyfat you have when you are trying to do this


The Cheat Sheet for people that don’t like to read

  1. Focus on body goals is shown to be less successful...
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End of 2018, lets celebrate with some client wins


Most common question we get - how much change, how quick.

I grabbed a bunch from our records. Here are what to expect! 



8 Weeks progress

7 Week Progress


11 Weeks


12 Weeks

4 Weeks


4 Weeks (comp prep)


If you ever want to ask questions about coaching, hit me on FB messenger 

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How to reduce anxiety

If you are an anxious person, you will likely always need to manage and use tools to keep on top of anxious habits.

Here are our best tips, and how to implement them

  1. Psoas Release
  2. Manage your 'bucket'
  3. Sunlight / walks + acceptance
  4. GABA + Theanine
  5. Masseter massage
  6. Modify Training
  7. Meditation
  8. More sex


Release Your Psoas

Your psoas is the muscle that connects your upper body to your lower body. It originates on your T2, down to your thigh. The psoas also connects to your...

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Our best tips for tradies, FIFO, shift workers or on site workers

We do a lot of work with guys in the trades or mines, and heaps of FIFO guys. The good news? You guys are the BEST responders bar none. Most of our testimonials are guys in the trade, and all our coaches love blokes in the trades.

Your number one advantage, you know how to get sh*t done. With all due respect to some of our other clients, it's hard to get them to work in the gym. We never have this issue with guys in the trade.

Here are 5 tips we give to everyone that will help heaps:


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The Core of JCF Coaching


The Core of JCF Coaching.

Our Theory: That most modern people live a stressed life

The Science: That stress puts people into an unhealthy state, that causes a series of poor hormonal responses. These responses are the root cause of many physical issues, whether it be a lack of muscular gains, or more commonly, difficulty to lose fat.

How to use this science to your advantage (plain English): The body has two 'modes'

1. fight or flight mode

2. rest and digest mode

 --- Jump past this...

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How to bust through plateaus and pick up lagging muscles

I've sat down and written every advanced principle I have used to get myself bigger and blast through times where I've felt stuck


What you should know first (you probably don't need this)

Unless your nutrition, stress, health, and recovery are good, you are just going to make things worse. So if that's you, go check out how we think you should fix your heatlh.

Second, if your technique sucks or you have no 'mind-muscle' connection, these principles aren't going to help. Go back and try...

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What I've learned in 25 Laps around the Sun

I'm 25 today. December 5, 2018 that's my day. I've been meaning to write my 'bio' for this site, so here it is.

I feel like this has been a big year for me, and it seems like a big time in life for everyone.

If you are in the same age group, you might have a lot of the same thoughts.

How I got here

It sounds super cliche, but I started lifting weights because I was the skinny kid on the football team. You can see me in the middle there. I'm a complete ecto - most of my youth I was sub 50kg. I...

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