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What I've learned in 25 Laps around the Sun

james cant jcf Dec 05, 2018

I'm 25 today. December 5, 2018 that's my day. I've been meaning to write my 'bio' for this site, so here it is.

I feel like this has been a big year for me, and it seems like a big time in life for everyone.

If you are in the same age group, you might have a lot of the same thoughts.

How I got here

It sounds super cliche, but I started lifting weights because I was the skinny kid on the football team. You can see me in the middle there. I'm a complete ecto - most of my youth I was sub 50kg. I started lifting at 14/15 years old.

Life tip - if you are the runt kid, you just have to eat way more. You are feeding your growth, as well as trying to add muscle.

I'd been lifting for a few years but didn't seem to add too much muscle until I started eating more, and growth spurts stopped.

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By 2010 I'd become pretty obsessed with getting huge, and pretty annoyed I sucked at it. By 2010, I'd started cursing genetics a lot.

For every person that posts I'm a genetic freak, I'd like to know what was happening between 15-17 when every guy got huge, I'm outworking a lot of them, but I'm tiny.

Up to 2010 was me figuring out almost everything I read on the internet was made to say

a) its simple

b) you suck for not being big

Ironically, from 2010 I became obsessed with reading about the science behind training, which meant a lot of Layne Norton. If you have been following me, you would realize how crazy that is.

2010-2012 was a lot of getting things wrong, a lot of dumb training and a lot of eating crap. By the end of 2012 I was starting to get my head around things, and finally getting enough calories in. This photo is late 2012  (19) and nearly 5 years of training. 

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Life tip - Although annoying at the time, sucking hard at something makes you a way better coach in the end, because you have to try so many avenues. This annoying part of not getting big, ended up choosing my career.

2012-2015 School, eat, train, eat, sleep, repeat

It might sound silly now, but it took me a long time to accept my skinny boy genes and start eating enough. I got up to 7000 calories a day, and I trained as hard as I humanly could.

Everything I learned in my degree, I was applying in my training. I was obsessed now with becoming an endocrinologist, already obsessed with sleep and rest, and competing.

2013, at 20, around 5.5 years of training, I jumped on stage

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I don't think the results were too crazy, but I was starting to understand more about the body. I also hired my first coach and realiased there was a whole world of people that actually are big, lean and understand the body.

2013 and 14, I competed a lot. I was always cutting or bulking.

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2014 and 2015, I started having a heap of gut issues. Years of force feeding myself started to catch up. I felt terrible constantly. I spend half my life in a bathroom. My gains sucked hard. I felt like I was always moving backward.

I won my pro qualifier in March 2014, and set my eyes toward a pro career of competing. In Oct 2015 I got my best result to date, 2nd place in a pro comp

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I did a stack of shows after, and placings were not coming my way. I was battling gut issues and IBS, and it killed my motivation completely.


Early - 2015 - Start JCF

Life pro-tip, make your weaknesses your strengths.

If gut health was my issue, I was going to learn everything about gut health. I took all the critical learning from my degree, and started applying to myself.

No gluten. No dairy. No Eggs. No Soy. Chill the f*ck out James. Suddenly, I started gaining again. I started feeling like a human.

I know so many of my mates were in the same position, stuck at one level, feeling bad, so I started helping and coaching. This was the first time I considered a career other than endocronology.


2016 - 2018 JCF starts coaching at scale

We start applying science to more and more happy customers. Suddenly, I'm flying around Australia to hang with good friends, that I happen to coach.

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I didn't really know, but I was creating my dream (and my nightmare). By this time, I was committed to not having an office job, and being my own boss.

I had to learn really quick how to manage people, manage myself and to train. I was paying rent, in a long-term relationship, trying to pay for a holiday while still having money to eat.

Pro-tip - Being an adult is way harder than being a kid, if you are 18 and reading this, enjoy it.

I got back on stage early 2018. To be honest, it took a few years off the stage to regain the motivation my gut issues stole from me. I started really trying to chill out in 2017, a constant active voice to myself to relax.

In early 2018, I realised I can't coach all over the world, and that I'm running out of daylight. We started planning the School of Gains, and here we are. School of Gains is everything I think you need to know to be epic. Its not watered down. I feel there is a lot of power in understanding the body. Your brain is the boss of this. Its running the show. Without enough thought and application, you can change your body, 100%


Stuff I've learned in 25 years

  1. the dumbest stress, is stressing about being stressed. Stop that James.
  2. you can't change some people. Some toxic people need to be out of your life
  3. its a stupid cliche, but you can do anything. I'm just a hard working guy, that has had some luck, and tried to put myself in positions to get lucky
  4. hard work pays off. I didn't quit lifting, I didn't quit competing, I didn't quit uni. I wanted to do all those things
  5. helping people is the best. During the whole 'Layne' issue, I was absolutely touched by people reaching out to me. 

In many ways, I look at 20 year old self and think there were so many things I should have known. I'd bet at 30, I look at 25 year old me and think, that kid needs to learn a lot.

I KNOW this site will be around in 5 years, and it will be huge. It will be helping 1000's of people a day. I can't wait for 2023 to look back at this blog.

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