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The TEN FIFO commandments

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019

How to eat when FIFO

OK, so, you have been working FIFO for a while, or even, this is going to be your first stint. Everyone jumping on that plane knows that the work is going to be hard, the nights a little lonely, and a lot of the food, crap.

I’m here to help you eat better, feel better and have more energy


Remember your Overall mission

If we are to list your goals, I’m guessing

  1. Don’t feel crap
  2. Don’t gain fat
  3. Get the fuel to do the job well
  4. Get the fuel to get to the gym
  5. Get the fuel to build some muscle

That’s list is in order, but it all works together.


So, here is the 10 FIFO commandments to get to those goals!


  1. Commandment One – KEEP IT SIMPLE

When you are being served up food, you need to have your diet as simple as possible. Here is the rule

  • Protein (non deep-fried) smash it
  • Carbs (not laden with fat) eat enough to feel good
  • Fat – skip it whenever you can

You have to skip the chips, get the rice. No mac and cheese, have the spuds. If there is not a good choice, don’t eat crap. It's not worth it. It's going to make you feel regretful, tired and sluggish.

Pro-tip – that salads are often rubbish and covered in dressing. If that salad is sweet to taste, its covered in dressing. Potato bake is beyond good, but it's just so bad for you. It not spuds, and you know it isn’t!


  1. Commandment Two – ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN

Take heaps of fruit from the dining hall when you can – so if there are not good carb options, you can have a banana or an apple when you are back in your room.

Keep tins of tuna in a drawer, yes it sucks, but having to diet to get rid of bodyfat later sucks more.

Always take a good quality whey away with you, and a few shakers. Whole food is best, but a protein shake is better than crappy food.


  1. Commandment Three – WORK AS A TEAM

Here, there are two things you can do. First, if one of you is late, can’t make it to the hall in time, make sure your boys hide some good protein for you. The roast often goes quick, and you need that protein more than others do!

We work with more than a few guys that work as a strategic team to get the best meat and veg straight away!

The second, if you can get a big enough group together, talk to someone about improving the food situation. Often, they will help (especially with something like having rice out as well as chips)


  1. Commandment Four – BE YOUR OWN KITCHEN

Every place is different, but most places with have a fridge and allow you some small appliances. Here is what you need

  • Nutri-bullet or something similar
  • Small cheap microwave
  • Small cheap rice cooker

You can get the small rice cookers and microwaves for less the $30 at Kmart on sale, and they will change your life. Stab a sweet potato with a fork, nuke it, healthy carbs.

Rice is cheap as, easy to store, chuck in with some water, throw some tuna on top, doesn’t taste bad at all.

Throw fruit in the nutri-bullet, some water, some whey, healthy start to the day.

Most places have good protein, but lots don’t have clean healthy carbs. Throw a 2kg bag of rice in your bag and some spuds! Easy and doesn’t taste bad.

Kogan 900W 12-Piece Rocket Blender Pro Set 


According to stats, FIFO is the overweight/obese working industry in Aus (79% obese or overweight). I honestly think it’s the breakfast.

DO NOT DRINK FRUIT JUICE. You know you are thirsty as because you are not properly hydrated, and you know that isn’t real juice. It’s a glass of calories out to screw you.

Water only, swear that to yourself.

I normally don’t mind bacon, but they tend to have the cheapest fattiest cuts. And no, you can’t have a hashbrown.

If you are serious, skip the breakfast hall all together, and train in the morning. Have a healthy shake to start the day. Hopefully, you took a bunch of fruit from the dessert bar the night before.

I have never heard of a good brekky at FIFO. Even the eggs look horrible and full of gross oil. Yogurt isn’t really a great option either.


  1. Commandment Six – Hydration will save you

If you are hot and tired, you often feel starving. This is where you smash juice or bad foods to feel better.

Water is the easiest and the hardest thing to do FIFO. There is always water available, but it’s an annoyance to have with you.

Some guys are allowed to have camelbak with them, this is the BEST. Not the cheapest thing, but fill it with 5L at the start of the day, and sip your way to happiness.

Otherwise, try carting around a bigger jug of water. A small 500ml bottle needs 10 fills at least a day, realistically, you don’t have that time


  1. Commandment Seven – SNACKS ADD UP – REAL QUICK

Its like they stack the odds against you, the make snacks available everywhere on some sites. Don’t use drink machines, don’t eat chocolates.

You know once you start, it will be very very hard to stop.

If you get hungry during the day, chuck some almonds in your pocket. They fill you up, full of good fats and make you thirsty as.


  1. Commandment Eight - YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO

Contrary to what you might think, lots of people thrive in FIFO. No missus, no kids, little distraction. Lots of time to train, lots of time to focus.

Guys that have been FIFO for lots of years, and are on top of their jobs, often ask us to program MORE while they are away. Give them huge volumes of work, to keep them busy and doing their job.

They have changed the mindset to being ‘away’ as getting bigger, getting leaner and getting paid.

This one really seems true for guys with young families. They are out on site to provide and get better. Often, we reduce training when guys are at home, so they can spend lots of time with the kids and wife.


  1. Commandment nine - THINGS WILL GO WRONG

You are going to have a day when you have a few, or you eat six deserts, or whatever. Don’t dwell on it, who cares.

You are looking for an overall trend, not some small fail. It’s the people who throw their hand up after one incident and eat bad for the next two weeks that have dramas.

If, like me, you like to keep yourself in check. Pay 40 squats for every crappy thing you ate that night or the next day in the gym.


  1. Commandment nine – YOUR MATES ARE GOING TO SCREW YOU

It is what it is, Australian culture doesn’t like the bloke who is a ‘try hard’. You are going to get called a pussy, you are going to be made fun of for doing the right thing.

Honestly, my advice is always to tell them how much their wife or missus is disgusted by them, but you may not like that route.

You have to manage it within your personality. Some people tell nobody they are ‘dieting’, some people try to rally a crew together, some people stick with the younger guys who tend to eat a bit better.

This is something I actually hate about our culture, so many blokes tell me they fell off the diet because ‘its just one dessert, you worked hard all day’. You have to know what you are going to say, because within your stint, someone is going to say something, and he’s going to have a big gut and lots of things to say.


There it is! Any dramas, give me a message on FB

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