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The book is called 'JCF Method - Cause and Effect, creating health via practical tools'.

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Its 52 pages and it centers around (to me) the very obvious fact, that people are treating effects and rarely the cause, to be blatantly clear

1. the answer to being tired is not more caffeine
2. the answer to a lack of muscular growth is not a new program
3. the answer to a lack of motivation is not an Instagram model
4. everything takes time, the answer is rarely short term

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In the 5+ years I've been ranting about gut health, its become cool and uncool to talk about in many cycles. I don't care, digestive stress is as real as being bloated after a meal. Its impossible to argue with calorie in, calorie out people. Some foods make you feel bad.

In the 3000+ clients we have worked with since we opened the doors, here are some truths
1. the majority of tiredness and motivation can be solved by diet
2. a large proportion of movement issues start at the ankles
3. Everyone can benefit from a stress reduction, and digestive stress is often the easiest


Why a book?

I've always been completely transparent. JCF makes money by coaching people. There is a bunch of reasons people hire a coach, but it comes down to being time poor or wanting to optimise results.

Not everyone can afford coaching, not everyone likes to be coached.

As I get busier, I'm running out of hours in the day. I still answer every message on here or insta, I still do free consults, but I need to reduce my stress. Having a book I can refer to will overall lower my life stress.


The release plan
1. Starting next week, we'll drop it chapter by chapter on email, free

2. We'll do a full release at the end (probably for $5 or something similar)

3. I'm working with a publisher now to release in hard copy

 Chapter 1 Excerpt


To me, a good coach is a teacher, a partner, and part of your team. My job isn’t to tell you what to do, its to arm you with the tools to execute properly.

Largely, those tools are patience, persistence, consistency, and application.

There is no trick. No magic food. No exercise you haven't done.

What there is, is focussing on the nuance, the flow of your body and the process of health

Good coaches look at sequences, not events. The best coaches teach you how to find those sequences yourself.



Chapter 2 Excerpt - Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

If you don't change, then nothing is going to change.

If you don't like how things are, you have to do something different.

As a full-time coach, the most confusing thing I hear from clients is a huge defense of their current lives.

If you are unhealthy, no manner or number of excuses will change that.

Do me a favour,
Today - just drink 5L of water and eat zero gluten. One 24 hour period. Throw it up on social as #jcfchangechallenge

Hydration is a huge factor in cognition and focus. So many people think they aren't motivated, and they are just long term dehydrated.

Gluten is known for inflammatory characteristics. Your tolerance sits on a scale from no issue to celiac. The bigger reason is for 24 hours, you will need to think before you eat. You will have to consider each meal.

I'm asking you, for 24 hours, to be considered, to be present, to think about each meal and to remain hydrated. This is a building block of change.

If you can do this for a day, you can do it for a week. If you can do it for a week, you can build habits over a month.


Chapter 3 excerpt - The Key to Everything - Consistency and Compliance

Without a doubt, the ABILITY to show up at the gym in the biggest deciding factor in your success.

That means not getting injured. An injury means time out of the gym, or worse, time in the gym getting more injured.

Injuries are devastating for motivation, one of the surest ways to make your life in fitness hard is to repeat the same goals over and over.

Lose weight, get injured, gain weight, start again.

Get strong, get injured, get weak, start again.

When you start again, you start at a disadvantage, you are now working around an injury and mentally want to 'hurry up'.

What are the base steps you should take?

Without a shadow of a doubt

  1. don't do any exercise where you know your form sucks
  2. don't do any exercise that causes you pain
  3. if any exercise makes your musculature sore where it's not intended, figure out why
  4. never ego lift
  5. never do singles unless you have a real reason
  6. your daily mobility should reflect your life

What does 'your daily mobility should reflect your life' mean (adaptive shortening)

The range a muscle is habitually used or positioned can change its functional resting length in adaption. The most common are

  1. shortening of the iliopsoas (one-joint hip flexors) for people who sit all day
  2. adaptive shortening of the soleus – sitters, non-walkers, heel wearers, business shoes wearers
  3. misalignment of the neck (sternocleidomastoid muscle) – staring at a screen all day

To a lesser extent, people also suffer ‘relative stiffness’ which describes a term where you can get into a position (you have the flexibility) it just feels awful and stiff getting there.

How you get injured

You train with relative stiffness or adaptive shortening.

How not to get injured

If you can’t

  1. touch your toes
  2. hit a squat with your heels down (or close to)
  3. pass the Thomas Test (one knee to your chest, the other should not lift)

Then you need to adapt your training to get a more complete range of motion. As you will see from programs later in this book, walking lunges, side step lunges and goblet squats are a large anti-dote from our sitting culture.

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